Solar energy

Solar energy is a never-ending power source. That’s one of the reasons that its increasing in popularity. Many Dutch rooftops are equipped with solar panels, and complete solar panel parks are also being constructed as well. In order to achieve the latter, qualified electricians are essential. TPS supplies professionals with experience in the solar energy industry.

Our electricians have gained experience on several projects in the solar energy industry. For example, they have carried out various projects for Storm Systems, including: 

  • Placing and connecting solar panels;
  • Installing and installing a cable car along facades;
  • Connecting inverters and transformers.

Technical staff for the solar energy industry

In the solar energy industry, you may need the following experts:

Why choose TPS?

At TPS you are assured of a qualified and professional staff who have the right knowledge and experience. We can deliver complete teams of electricians as well as just one professional. Whatever your project contains; TPS delivers.

A pleasant (working) environment equals satisfied and hardworking staff. All our technical staff is therefore provided with a full set of tools, additional technical training, language courses if necessary, neat housing and a company car.

Yes, I'm looking for technicians for my solar energy project!