Commissioning Engineer

Find the right technician

At TPS you will find certified commissioning engineers who ensure that your project is carefully monitored and evaluated, from technical drawing to finished end product. With this you are assured of the perfect execution of the electrical engineering. 

For more than 10 years, we have deployed technicians from various EU-countries for Dutch and international projects. During this time, we have specialized in recruiting commissioning engineers, mainly for the maritime and industrial sector.

What does a commissioning engineer do?

Our commissioning engineers have extensive knowledge of control- and electrical engineering. Their main task is to observe, control and commission processes.


  • Commissioning of complete electrical and control installations in the maritime and industrial sector;
  • Keep an overview of the scope of the work and interpret deviations as extra or less work;
  • Commission all complex electrical engineering equipment within the process;
  • Conducting acceptance tests (FAT) on the installed systems;
  • Advise about changes in the system automation and / or the implementation;
  • Reporting adjustments.
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Why do you need a Commissioning Engineer?

A commissioning engineer is the person who gives the final approval and powers up the systems. It is the last station of the total implementation and therefore an important aspect of the completion of every electrical engineering project. Our internal recruitment department carefully screens all commissioning engineers on work experience, skills level and knowledge of the English language. In this way you are assured of the perfect match for your project.

What can we do for you? 

Via TPS you will find professional commissioning engineers that you can hire for both temporary and ongoing projects. We would love to talk to you and make an inventory of the required professional knowledge. Based on this, we will link the right engineer to your project. Want to know more? Feel free to contact us!