The 5 benefits of flexible personnel

What are the benefits for you? In a nutshell: you have the advantages without the disadvantages! Here are the advantages that TPS’s flexible workforce offers you:

  1. There are no financial risks involved
    Conveniently, you incur costs only when there is work to be done. As a result, you have complete freedom to do business. You do not have the financial burden of additional people on your payroll that you have to pay in less-prosperous times. TPS understands that you need to take on professionals only when your workload allows you to. However, we also recognize that you prefer to not have those professionals around when a project is finished. When you have a new project, they will return to you...
  2. Flexible staff has the desired work ethic
    We work with the best professionals from the new EU countries. They come regularly to the Netherlands for a couple of weeks at a time with only one objective: to work! Our specialists would like to show you their expertise, they want to work many hours for you - working weeks of 40 hours are also possible, of course - and they value the quality of their work. After all, they would clearly like to return when you have a new project. And, with a new job, we understand that it is convenient for you to see the same familiar faces return who know how your projects are run. Unhappy or dissatisfied with one of our professionals? We will arrange a suitable replacement.
  3. We relieve you of paper work and care
    All you have to do is sign the timesheets. TPS checks that our specialists have a valid and current VCA certificate. Should that not be the case, we will take care of it. The same applies to their Citizen Service Number (Burgerservicenummer). Because we take good care of our people, TPS also arranges comfortable accommodation and a car for them to ensure that they arrive well-rested and happy at your site every working day. We also ensure our professionals are appropriately equipped and start them off on their first day with a safety briefing.
  4. It is easy to arrange temporary (additional) staff quickly
    Within 24 hours, TPS is able to have the best professionals available for you. We have also regular contact during, before and after the assignment and provide immediate and clear feedback.
  5. You have a partnership with a familiar contact person
    Temporary staff from a long-term partner! TPS is a partner who knows the market well and engages with your company; a true sparring partner and a familiar contact person with whom to discuss and solve your staffing issues.

I want to use this five advantages!