Panel Builder

Find the right technician

To support the electrical engineering progress, a lot of panel builders will be needed in the upcoming years. However, it isn’t an occupation that’s as popular as it used to be in The Netherlands. TPS offers the solution for that! We provide you with certified international panel builders for a fixed or flexible time period. 

We’ve got more than 10 years of experience in hiring technical personnel from the new EU countries. Our technicians are specialized in constructing distribution panels, switchboards and control cabinets on ships and in factories. They also work a lot in our customers’ workshop, where they assemble and connect panels from A to Z according to the drawing of the electrical engineer and company-specific regulations, after which these are checked by the commissioning engineer.

What does a panel builder do?

A panel builder can be hired for all the mechanical preparation work of panels, placing components and wiring in accordance with the electrical drawing. Our panel builders have a lot of experience and can adapt to new customers, activities, panel construction assignments and project locations easily. Their knowledge of the English language (also technical) makes this even easier.

Types of projects:

  • The machining of mounting plates (drilling and punching), sawing tubular profiles to size and all other preparations;
  • Place all components, label components and assemble in accordance with technical drawing;
  • Preparing cabling, precise stripping of the cables and coding of cables in accordance with the drawing;
  • Fully wiring and connecting distribution panels / distribution boxes and complex control boxes;
  • Machining and mounting copperwork;
  • The (cold-wire) testing of the connection work.
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Specialists with the right knowledge

All of our men are able to interpret electrical engineering drawings and perform the resulting work. The flexibility and employability of our panel builders is characterized by their broad knowledge and skills. They particularly excel in the practical executive electrical engineering panel construction work.

What can we do for you?

Are you in need for a panel builder for a short-term project? Or would you to hire a complete team including a foreman for a year or more? TPS can help you!

If you have a project, or if you need flexible staff for a longer period of time, please leave your details or contact us without any obligation!