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More than 10 years ago, TPS stemmed from the vision of deploying competent technical staff in a high-quality manner. The focal point of this approach is to ensure that things are made as easy and convenient as possible for both the customer and the candidate.  We are active in the outplacement and deployment of technical staff in the Industry, Maritime, Infrastructure and Utilities sectors and we work across borders.

High Quality Technical Specialists

Although high quality has always been the differentiating strength of Dutch engineering, high-quality technical staff are increasingly difficult to find and the current shortage of experienced technical staff will continue in the years ahead. To maintain the aforementioned quality - and to remain competitive – in the future we will increasingly have to look abroad for staff. The reason for this is that this is where 'proper' vocational training is still offered. These countries are also where hard-working and reliable staff can be found. Technical businesses also increasingly prefer to work with a small core group of people bolstered by a large peripheral group of flexible workers. This is how true entrepreneurship can happen! With fewer risks. 


The service that we provide is 'people' and we consider it our duty to take good care of our workforce. After all, satisfied people are simply more productive, which means that they fortunately remain with TPS for a long time. Something that our customers also appreciate if they want the same people to return to them to work on a project. TPS is therefore dedicated to continuity and long-term relationships.

TPS constantly works on the premise that every technical specialist is different …

What does someone want? And what can someone actually do? Our outstanding profiling allows us to provide staff for our customers' projects AND ensure that these projects can be completed successfully. We therefore consider our first project with a customer to often be the very first step towards a long-standing and successful partnership. 

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