TPS: Technical recruitment agency in The Netherlands

Finding professional and qualified technicians is getting harder each year. The profession has decreased in popularity in a lot of countries, with a tight labor market as a result. Luckily there are some countries where technical studies are still very popular. This is where TPS comes in the mix. We connect professional technicians with the right experience to your project. 

The flexible deployment of our international electrical engineers contributes to efficient and successful business operations. As a technical recruitment agency, we know how to quickly put the right man in the right place. We unburden you completely, adapt quickly to your situation and select the right match for your project.

The right technician for your project 

Are you looking for an Electrician, Panel Builder, Service Mechanic, Commissioning Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Cable Puller, Steelworker or perhaps a complete team of electrical engineers? We supply electrical personnel from the new EU countries with the right qualities and experience. You can count on: 

  • Qualified technical staff with good knowledge of the English language;
  • An extensive screening of the candidates via video conference;
  • A tailor-made offer including up-to-date CVs from our electrical engineers.

We provide all our employees with:

  • Well-kept housing and a company car;
  • Complete equipment with tools and TPS work clothes;
  • VCA course and exam;
  • Aerial work platform certificate;
  • NEN 3140.   
Need professional technicians? Please contact us!​

Why choose TPS?

We work on various types of projects for various industries. For example, we run projects from 1 man for 1 week to teams of 30 people including foreman for a year or longer. Whether it is a large or small project, long or short; as a technical recruitment agency, TPS delivers the professionals that fit your project.

This is how we work

  1. We start with a complete inventory of your project and the skills you need. If desired, we schedule a personal meeting to discuss the cooperation.
  2. You receive a tailor-made proposal containing the services, rates and other conditions.
  3. Our in-house recruiter selects the right match for your project. You receive a tailor-made offer including up-to-date CVs.
  4. Once we have found the right candidate, we will arrange operational matters such as housing and a company car. If necessary, we schedule a VCA exam for the candidate.
  5. The project can start. This can all be done within 24 hours! We provide guidance and keep in touch about progress, technician evaluation and planning.

Get in touch!

TPS has been an established name when it comes to technical recruitment for more than 10 years. We specialize in recruiting, deploying and guiding electricians and mechanics from A to Z in both Dutch and international projects. Do you have a project in the Industry, Maritime, Infrastructure, Wind, Solar or Utility sectors? TPS has the flexible capacity! Can we do something for you? Get in touch!