The industry is the driving force behind the economy of a lot of countries and is also essential for global development. To ensure the highest efficiency, many of the processes are automated. The correct installation, maintenance and replacement of E&I systems is therefore essential.

TPS supplies experienced electrical engineers who have work experience in the food industry, petrochemicals and data centers. For example, our technicians are already active at a.o. SPIE, Hoppenbrouwers and Actemium. 

Technicians for the industrial sector

In the industrial sector you may need the following specialists:

Why choose TPS?

Different projects require different technicians. TPS can match your project to the right technician easily because of our in-house recruitment. Whether you need someone with a particular skill set or an all-round electrician; we’ll find the best match for you.

We also know that communication is very important. We therefore screen our technical staff on the English language and offer them courses to improve their language level if necessary.

In addition, we take care of our technicians. Things like a good salary, a full set of tools, technical training, comfortable and clean housing (privacy) and company cars ensure are being provided.

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