Cable Puller

Find the right technician

Via TPS you can hire professional international cable pullers who are mainly active in the industrial and maritime sector. With over 10 years of experience in recruiting technicians, we know what strengths you need to successfully complete the project.


As you might have guessed, a cable puller is responsible for the cabling, which is mostly combined with connection work as well. This can vary from the cabling of installations to the entire industrial area.

Our cable pullers are specialized in:

  • Reading, analyzing and executing the cable plan;
  • Preparing and customizing the cabling;
  • Pulling cables;
  • Carefully placing cables on the cable tray;
  • Securing cables with tie rips.
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Why do you need a Cable Puller?

Cable pullers ensure that all technical systems on a ship or factory are powered and can be controlled. This includes machines, pumps, valves, motors, transformers and lighting. A cable puller makes sure that all cables are placed accurately. They always work according to a complete cable plan, which assures that all cables are in the right place. 

What can we do for you?

You can hire a cable puller for a short project, but you can also hire complete teams including a foreman for a year or more. Our internal recruitment department matches the technician with the right work experience and good knowledge of the English language to your project. Leave your details with us or contact us without any obligation!