TPS is your intermediary for technical staff

From electricians to panel builders and service mechanics

We provide experienced technicians for mostly industrial, maritime or offshore projects, but a lot of them also have experience in the utility, solar and/or wind energy sector. We have a large database of experienced technicians, which means that our in-house recruitment agency can always find the perfect match for your project.

Because of our  short delivery times, TPS can provide the ultimate flex pool of skilled technicians, which has been a proven solution for many of our long-term relationships. TPS takes care of your flexible staff from start to finish. We can help you when you are looking for:

    To work as productively as possible, we always try to reassign the same technician to your company. In this way, the technician is already aware of your way of working and can adapt quickly. Next to this, you already know what the technician is capable of, which makes the communication much easier.

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    Our certified technicians

    Our team of experienced technicians are originally from a.o. Poland, Romania and Croatia. They have the necessary degrees and certificates to perform even the most difficult electrical jobs. From ship engines to electrical systems and installations. TPS works together with the best educated and most experienced technical professionals from the new EU countries.

    We are certified in accordance with the VCA and NEN 4400-1 standards, which is the Dutch Safety, Health and Environment Checklist for Contractors and the standards set by the Dutch standards organization NEN for temporary work businesses and (sub)contractors.

    We consider these certificates to be more than just pieces of paper; we believe they are essential for our professionals’ health and safety. TPS therefore actively stimulates its partners to work according to these values and standards: we are in this together!