Wind energy

Sustainable energy is the future! The construction of wind farms has therefore grown enormously in the past years, and so has the demand for technicians with the right certificates. Among other things, TPS supplies electricians who have experience with the electrical pre-assembly work of windmills (onshore), the connection work of safeway bridges and transformer platforms (offshore).

Our technicians have proven experience in the wind energy industry. For example, our windmill technicians are hired for the maintenance of various wind farms. Next to this, they have installed the Siemens offshore transformer platform. 

Technicians for wind energy project

In the wind energy industry you may need the following specialists:

Why choose TPS?

The technicians of TPS can support you in successfully completing wind energy projects. We have supplied electricians for new construction of transformer platforms at sea regularly. Our technicians can also help you with the assembly of windmills. We are an experienced recruitment agency for the offshore sector, which is often connected to the supply of sustainable energy.

In addition to delivering good work for clients, we also think it is important to take good care of our employees. After all, a pleasant (working) environment equals a satisfied and hardworking staff. All of our technicians are therefore provided with a full set of tools, additional technical training, language courses if necessary, neat housing and their own company car.

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