Meet our new business developer: Bob

TPS introduces new office team member Bob Kwaks. He will be working together with Willem and Coen as TPS’s new business developer. For sure he will be a great addition to the sales side of TPS and to grow the business further. 

"Hi, I'm Bob. Some of you I met, but most of you I haven’t yet, so I was asked to write a small piece about myself in order to introduce myself to everyone who works at TPS, so here it goes. At the beginning of October, I started working at TPS. So far with great pleasure. I was hired to assist Willem and Coen on the sales side of TPS and grow the business further. At the start of this year, I graduated. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find a job right away. Mainly because of something everybody had to deal with this year: the Coronavirus. 

Fortunately for me, I encountered TPS, which checked all the boxes I desired in a starting job! I met a great, passionate, and hard-working team that is ambitious and has a vision, while also understanding that work should be something you like to do and fun is important as well. I hope to further develop my sales and account management skills at TPS and grow together with TPS. I hope to contribute to making 2021 a great year in which we are able to find the right projects for the right people and making our clients better. A year in which we, hopefully, can forget about 2020 quickly and focus on the future. Let’s grow together!